Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One More From The Dainty Kit

I was having trouble sleeping last night, silly nightmares scaring the you know what out
of me, so rather than shut my eyes and get scared again,
I went blog hopping, as you can see there are lots I like to visit..
Anyway I popped over to Vanillaz, cos her blog always
takes me away to lovely places..
If you have never visited her blog, you really should
she is amazing, it is like walking into an art gallery..
And the page loads and bam right in my face is
the Dainty QP with her magic touch..
I have to say I went through several emotions one after the other,
and ended up with tears in my eyes..
I was humbled, happy and over the moon...
*huge hugs & thank you so much* :)
Now ladies if you want to see how templates and kits are used to
make art please wander over to her blog, you will be amazed ..
And I just popped over again and she has done another, wow
thank you :) :) :)

Another wonderful day, another freebie for you ladies..

This one has been made from the Dainty kit and 3 spots for photo's :)
I shall move on to something else tomorrow, mybe another lucky dip?
Or another mini kit, I shall check back tonight and see what you ladies
have asked for..lol
I was reading through the comments on 4 shared, thanks ladies you are all
so kind and lovely and it makes sharing a pleasure :)
I have also done a little work on some of my original QPS and put them together..
But I am asking something for them this time around.
I do have several things on here you can purchase, and all you have to do is
hit the add to cart button and another window pops up and adds as you go,
when you are done just go to that window and review and then hit proceed to checkout,
and you all know how that works..
Opps this one is only 8 x 8 this time...

Download & leave some love
$1.50 AUD
First Double Set is Dragonfly Magic
You can have either Png or Jpeg and both come in 8x8 or 12x12
Just put the info in the box

12 OR 8

$2.00 AUD

Second One the really popular Fantasy Set
You can have either Png or Jpeg and both come in 8x8 or 12x12
Just put the info in the box

12 OR 8

1 comment:

clubiani said...

thanks for these lovely goodies!

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