Thursday, June 19, 2008

They went in the naughty bin ....

hmm I did say I was going to have something up, but I am not..
I threw them in the naughty bin because they wouldnt co-operate and do what I wanted lol..
Nothing would go right today, so I gave up.. Sorry..
Went exploring and found lots of interesting things, so tomorrow I will have something up here for you and my be I will throw together the only things I didnt delete from those 2 sets and put them up as well..
No dead things today lol soon as I heard them crows I went out there and they took off lol..
I know you really loved the dragonfly magic, and from the comments it was not just the dragonflies but also the colours so I am guessing alot of you like the rich deep textures as well..
But I am feeling pink lol and I got these amazing patterns from "The Scrappin Cop", had to go back though cos doh couldnt figure out how to get them to work, she is so lovely , sent me a link where I spent ages looking and reading .. Thank you Deb :)
She just made making papers so easy :)
She has lots of goodies up as well, so go pay her a visit and see if there isnt something you might like..
And this will make you laugh, I was so excited about the papers I sent her a message and forgot to say "Thank you" How rude am I, but I did go back and do it lol..
Anyways I shall not waste anymore of your time..
Check in tomorrow you should have 2 things waiting for you :)
Have a beautiful one peoples and remember to smile at everyone you see, cos sometimes that smile goes all the way to there heart and takes all their troubles away ....

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