Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm working on a couple of somethings :)

Well I had these big plans today of completing 2 layouts, using a couple of fantastic templates I nabbed yesterday..
And getting my very first complete kit completed and throwing up a Qp for you all to grab..
But things have a way of happening and it doesn't always go the way you planned..
I figured seeing as I was starting from scratch on the kit that I should start that first, I did, I actually am now working on two lol..
How did that come about, well while I was messing around getting the papers to what I wanted, I duplicated one cos I like it and wondered what it would be like if I did this that and the other to it..
So then cos they were really coming together I side tracked on that.. But I did get some lovely papers made lol..
So then its back to the first idea I am working on something celtic, and then my daughter contacts me so I am talking away to her while not really getting that much done *hangs head in shame*
My granddaughter is now crawling woooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo :)
I am missing them, they have both had the flu this last week, so hearing her today she sounds so much better..
Then my human angel came home and said we is going out, so bye to daughter and get ready, we took longer than we planned out..
Then we get home and there is another big fat dead mouse at my doorstep, ughhhh I hate dead things I really do, so because its amusing to watch me force myself to pick them up my partner doesnt go I will do that, he just sits back and laughs at me *hmmmppppp* At least the crows just dropped this one there the one a couple of days ago they ate and left just the tail and its insides.. ughhhhh ( note to self, get the hose if you hear crows tomorrow and hose them )
Dont know why I am suddenly so special that they need to bring me dead offerings yuck...
So then of course after I have shuddered and washed my hands a zillon times lol its time to get some food, you know feed the man lol..
So finally I get back to the puter to start working on things again, and my mom rings, I was getting worried cos I hadnt heard from her in a week which is unusual for her not to have sent even an email..
So I assumed right she had been busy with her job and sick so just coming home and crashing..
So we talked and talked and talked, lol hmm try about 4 and a half hours, reason we got off the phone we were both needing to go to the little girls room badly or we would still be talking..lmao
Thats bad isnt it ...
So now its late and I didnt get anything completed today...
I did finish this layout however, using one of Tragedy Scrapinannes templates she shared the day before, I really loved it the minute I saw it.. She has a set for only $3.99 that I shall be getting soon...
I also shook my head I dont dare count how many templates I have lol, you just gotta have them..
So sorry ladies nothing to share with you this time other than for you to look at my layout..
I used some of the papers I made today and also flowers from the celtic set that I am going to try and have finished tomorrow to share..
This was taken earlier on this year, my poor little granddaughter, her mum and aunty dressed her up as a tigger, she was not impressed I can tell you, you see her hanging her head in shame lol..
She finally outgrew it, now they are talking something with ears and tails, poor child lol..
Mind you tigger suited her, she would have to bounce all the time, if you didnt bounce her she would bounce herself...
So I digress here are the credits for my layout..
Tiglet layout Credits:
Dont you just love this template,
Grab it here from : Tragedy Scrapinannes
Thank you to Obsidian Dawn for her fabulous brushes
grab some from here.
(for some reason it keeps adding my blog address before it,so have to
do it this way)

Paper from FMC Design-Forest Shades
Flower Embellishments from FMC Design-Celtic Whimsy
You cant grab these yet cos I havnt finished lol...
Wishing you a day filled with love, laughter and loved ones...

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