Friday, June 20, 2008

Forest Frolic Quick Page

Bet you thought I was going to say I hadnt come up with something again
Nearly, I have been struggling with this one for the last couple of days, it has changed numerous times gone to the "to hard basket" almost went into the naughty bin lol
But then at the last minute after I had pulled out all my hair ( OMG I'M Bald rflmao) it decided to come together for me..
I must however confess that I have been playing with Debs patterns as well :) And seeing how many colours I could come up with on the dragonflies, I also tried to make one into a butterfly, but I have to say it just looked like a fat dragonfly with a rubbed off tail..
The human angel burst out laughing when he looked, gee thanks hon *hmmph*
I still have a little playing around to do with a few things, but there should be something else up later on.. ( But I am not promising)
And after doing the rounds of the lovely freebies today, and seeing the dismal amount of thanks yet again, I was thinking my be I should put up a freebie tutorial on how to say thank you at 4 shared..lmao ok I amused myself :P
But think about it, what if I put here throughout my ramble but only one took you to the thing you were after and all the rest took you to the tutorial... Lmao I think it would be funny, but then some of you have already figured that I have a weird sense of humor..
Seriously I see the same lovely ladies everywhere I travel always leaving the lovely messages of thanks or encouragement..
Ok so I fell off my soap box enough said :)
And I want to again say thank you, I have actually today went through all the messages left for me, and you ladies are beautiful thank you, you make my day often :)
Ok I have to move my rear from here and get something for the man for tea so hope you like,
I am impressed with myself, cos all except the dragonflies & paper tears , I have put the whole thing together myself, I used one of Obsidian Dawns cloud brushes to make my overlay for the paper and another one and one of her tutorials to make the ferns..
And you all are the guinea pigs lmao :)
Might be back later..
Have a lovely one...
Did you want the links???????
Download and leave some love :) ( you know I like it lol)



Deb said...

Mozz, don't be discouraged by the lack of comments on 4shared, I could use a tutorial because I paid for the premium download so when I click on the link, it doesn't take me to 4shared, it just downloads it! There is no way to leave a comment there! (?)So I will leave a comment here, beautiful QP! And I find that the ladies here are much more thankful than the folks who download on DA. I mean, just check my gallery over there and compare the number of downloads to the number of comments and faves! So keep up the good work, and know that everyone is appreciative - even if they don't show it the way they should! :-)

Mozz said...

Hey Deb,
I agree for the most part the scrapping community is made up of a lovely group of worldwide people, through reading blogs and comments there are some amazingly loving people at there, and it never ceases to amaze or refresh me to see that..
And while its nice to get thanks, it doesnt worry me that much personally as I am just happy at present that people consider my stuff worthy of a download.. lol
I just have a thing about manners I guess, I really hate it when I see downloads up in the thousands and only a few hundred people that have left comments.. My way of thinking is that someone took their time to create something that is obviously wanted shared it from the goodness thats in their heart and the least any of us can do is just say Thank you, cos they didnt have to allow us to have it :)
More later :) *hugz* thank you

Peggie said...

This is beautiful. I love it. Thank you.

Anne R said...

Thank you so much for sharing- my daughter is in the "butterflies and fairies"-stage, so she'll crack when she sees this! :)

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