Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brush Play

I am finally getting some of the pics of The little princess's birth done,I have picked out the album I still have lots of pages to go to make up all the pages that come with the album I picked..
There a local Australian couple that make them up..
Poor Becky she was going to film the birth, however Nikki had been having contractions all day and we figured that it wouldnt be till that night (Beck was at work) that she would go into the final stages.. But she had a slight water break and the hospital told us to bring her in..
Once at the hospital her water broke fully and it was all over red rover in approx 20 mins, mind you it felt much longer than that..
So the new Aunt was outside the door asking why Grandad and Dad were standing outside they door..
They got banished by the mid wife and me cos they kept cracking dumb jokes which was upsetting the about to be new mum.. And we woman know there isnt really alot that we find funny when we are in that much pain..
She was most upset because mum had given her the wrong directions on the street so she just made it as Jazz made her entry into the world..
Because I helped with the birth, and was the first person to pick Jazz up before the cord was cut, we all agreed that Becky got to have the first cuddle :)
And as I was messing around with the brushes I got from "The Scrappin Cop" and experimenting with the page I did the day before and liked it I thought I might as well share it..
Also The first dragonfly QP expires now..
However I am working on another site where I shall be putting them up along with some other things I create for a small price..
I will tell you more once I have completed it..


Opps I had to re-upload this, I forgot to add "The Scrappin Cop" in my TOU..
Only 3 people had downloaded it before I corrected it, sorry Deb :(

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