Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quick Page With issues lol

Dont you just love the name I came up with, lmao ..
No ...stop laughing do you know how hard it was to think up
"The Page With No Name" :P
It also has gender issues, its masculine and feminine at the same time..
It needs someone to take it home and love it cos its obvious its creator
This was all about experiment really, I spent ages trying to come up with an aged look,
then today I was doing my greedy little monkey thing of picking up freebies,
and I have such a bad habit of clicking on links on one blog and then continuing
on at each So anyway I found my way to a blog that had a Tutorial up on
making aged paper, grrrrr lol..
So simple and she didnt spend the amount of time I did at my first attempt..
So the torn page comes from me testing her tutorial..
She has 2 blogs one on photo shop and the other is Paint shop Pro..
Scrap Stuff
Pop over and have a look see, you might find something..
Anyway the saga of my 2 daughters continued today..
Taurens are known for their stubborness and we 3 are all Taurens lol,
it made for an interesting household as they were growing..
Picture bulls, front legs planted apart, face slightly up, steam coming out the nose,
and feet firmly planted in the ground..
And then think of the song "We shall not we shall not be moved"..
I feel sorry for my human angel cos he has had to step in and make us
see sense when we do that..

Not that it happens that much these days, but he gets a good laugh from it..
And this weekend I get to babysit both my grandaughter (the little princess) and
the fur grand child, lol this could be fun, the fur child doesnt like anyone but his mum..
Anyway I have made you read another essay so sorry lol :)
I know some of you like the pages where you can put more than one pic,
so you have 5 spots on this one.. :) and I even managed to leave some
room for those who like to do a little journaling as well..
Special thanks to:
The Scrappin Cop
Obsidian Dawn
Cindy Doerksen

Deb has told me that if you have a premium account with 4shared that it just
automatically downloads and doesnt take you to the page where you can comment..
So I will try to remember to password from the next one on, so that everyone can
comment there if they want to..
You can leave some love and download


the51mom said...

Love your work. I know that you put a lot of time and effort into it all. You are appreciated. TYSVM for sharing!!

RoseAddict said...

Another beautiful page! Thank you!

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