Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here it is :)

Almost didnt get this up lol.. Today has been one of those days, children are children no matter
how old they get... Simply put little sister didnt tell big sister something, so now big sister is acting
in her own words "like a child" but wont back down, so I have been on the phone for several
hours with the eldest one who is heart broken and in tears, about something the little sister
has down which just boils down to immaturity..
But it did hurt big sisters feelings, little sister tells me she doesnt understand why big sister
should feel that way.. So after several phone calls back and forth between them today,
I got big sister cheered up again, that is until she starts thinking about it again and upsets
herself all over, and told little sister that she needs to call big sister and talk, and it
doesnt matter if big sister is being silly, she is hurt and they need to work it out...
Then we had a friend come over so we have been sitting around talking ect, well no I was playing
with the scrye pendulum and tarot cards as well..
Driving them nuts because I wouldnt ask the cards a proper question so of course the resulting
cards were as my question scattered lol..
That was to pay them back for asking the pendulum some stupid questions when I was being serious,
they did it so much the actual question I was asking I couldnt focus on and so didnt end up
with my answer..
So I will ask the question again when they are not around.. But it was fun and we ended up
having a good laugh and thats always good..
Anyway finally here is the Quick Page for you, as I said in my earlier post ..
I really loved the the textures in the papers Deb had put up yesterday so I originally started
out making a page for my daughter (the big sookie eldest one) who loves baseball..
But as often happens with me, I sidetracked ( I think that has something to do with being blonde, I am very intelligent but still ditzy lol )
So this is what resulted from it..
Hope you enjoy, I called it passion for obvious reasons..


Special thanks to:
The Scrappin Cop
Obsidian Dawn
Cindy Doerksen
Atomic Cupcake
Lisa of Sophisticated Scraps


Deb said...

:-) I enjoy reading your blog so much! I love the QP and I'm glad you are getting hits from my link! The rich color of the paper looks so different when it is embellished with your beautiful creations! Another beauty.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for your lovely QPs!!!!!!!!!

Suz said...

...♥Thank You♥...from the bottom of my heart

RoseAddict said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!

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