Monday, June 30, 2008

Paula's Act Of Kindness

Evening/Morning Ladies of the world :)
Gonna make you read a lot this time lol sorry :) First there appears to be some gremlins running amok in the cyber world, my beautiful map originally had hearts all over it everywhere, but it's having Technical Data Issues and keeps resetting itself, so it starts filling with hearts and then they all disappear lol.. The site that gathers my stats is also having probs currently as well, as it has been unable to give me new data for a couple of days, most frustrating.. Sometimes the things I read there crack me up.. Its interesting to see all the places in the world that everyone comes from, how many people have come here through searches or other ways... I had a good laugh just before it broke as I saw someone from NZ had come in through another group so of course I went to have a look, "Nutters Inn" lol please don't take offense but I have one of those minds that given a word "will" of its own free spirited will produce an image for me.. What flashed into my mind, for some reason.. squirrels gathering nuts and hiding them lmao.. Then of course you could take it the other way that people refer to "Nutter"... But seeing as they came here I can only assume that its another group that share links to scrap booking or craft things.. So Hi ladies :)

Message to Paula,
I believe in the idea of "passing it on"
I opened my emails yesterday and couldn't believe my eyes :)
*huge hugz* I want to thank you from the deepest recess
of my heart for your beautiful act of love and kindness..
You have added the below toys to my CU stash,
and because you did what you did, I am now able
to do more things and hopefully improve
but the part that I wanted to share with you is this,
Your caring act is now going to also brighten
and enrich (if I make things right lol) so many
others lives as well, every time someone downloads
one of my items and enjoys it and then adds to it,
and then shares it with others, your love is going
to be passed on....
I guess what I am trying not to gush out is:
You made me happy & made me have warm fuzzies, and then when others come here
and enjoy, you have bought warm fuzzies to their hearts as well..
And I bet that thought didn't even enter your head when you clicked
the donate button lol
Thank you so very much, for being the beautiful person you are :)

Next message:
Lisa from FL would you mind popping over to Debs blog and contacting
her and helping here work out the comment/download thing, as she
is unable to work it out and it would be greatly appreciated :)
I told her she just has a dodgey download button lmao :)
Thank you..
Tired of reading yet ???? lol
So ok another QP for you, I started out making something for Paula to thank her,
and then took it a little further..
I called it kindness :)
I got to play with my new toys, dont look to closely I still havn't got the
eyelet shadow right but I will :P
While searching yesterday to get the most value, I also have come across
alot of things that are in my wish list now lol..
So ok I have made you read enough, here is the Qp..
I would rather anyone that leaves a comment, says a
Thank you to Paula, cos she is the inspiration behind this page..
~*~ So did you all find someone who needed a smile yesterday ? :) ~*~

Be safe, laugh as much as you can, and enjoyed your loved ones :)
Today your downloading love :)

P.S. I have really enjoyed reading your comments, thank you, and
blushing from the lovely compliments :)

1 comment:

Squeaky Scraps said...

thanks for the beautiful qp's they are so beautiful and i love your colors

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