Sunday, June 29, 2008

Earth's Spirit

So what have you all been up to? :)
My human angel and I were reading about something
that was set up in the USA, which embraces everything we believe
in, organic food, generosity, love, compassion, and reading how
successful it is..
Can you imagine walking into a cafe, and eating, but instead of being told
how much it is, you decide what its worth..
Bit broke, well thats ok as well, you can wash, cook to pay for your meal..
Its all about giving and sharing and caring lol
I discussed passwords in a couple of earlier posts, well "NO Passwords"
lol, first of all I couldnt figure out how to do it, second Lisa in fl has
told me that even premium can leave comments without passwords,
so as that was the only reason I was going to do it, there is no need..:)
Thank you all for leaving some love, you really make my day :)
( hmm does that mean I dont have a life lmao)
It's just really nice to get some sort of feed back, and I know there have
been several that visit often, and it seems there have been more
than I realized..
I mean the rose dayz QP sucked lol, cos it didnt get many downloads,
So I know not to do something like that again lol..
And while I liked the Summer one I wasnt sure that to many would,
so thanks for your encouragement :)
I am going to try and put some papers together and soon a kit,
and see how that goes, not really confident, lol can you tell :)
So here is the next page, hope you like,
its very earthy :)
Find a grumpy person today and give them your biggest and warmest smile,
I bet they smile back and you make their day :)
Have a fun one..

Huge Hugz and special thanks to all these wonderful people:
Obsidian Dawn
Lisa of Sophisticated Scraps
Designs by Babette- LBCreations
Rachael Scutt

Are you going to leave me some love :P


Tammy aka bunchie said...

Beautiful way to show the earth's spirit! tyvm!

kylie said...

Love your awesome QP today.
You are absolutely talented with your work and thanks for sharing.
Hugs from across the miles...

Deb said...


Can you have Lisa from Florida drop me a note on how to leave feedback on 4shared if you have the premium download?? Can't figure it out, lol. Love the latest quickpages, just lovely!


Kristin said...

Gorgeous quick page!

GrannyNKy said...

Thank you for the beautiful qp!

K said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much! I love, LOVE your banner!

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