Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hear My Prayer

Today would have to be one of the worst days I have lived through..
You have children and they grow up and do dumb things like leave home...
My baby ( she is now 18) moved out today and with her went my darling little granddaughter..
I know it has to happen but I wasn't ready for it yet..
I dont think I will be able to open my eyes tomorrow, I havnt been able to stop crying...
Quite frankly I look like S**t and I feel it as well...
The house is so quite, I am so used to little Jazz and her noise and taking up my time..
even Dzion is lost, although he should be happy no more thumps on the head and pulling of fur as Jazz trys to learn how to be gentle or that she cant just grab fists full of fur to drag him to her..
I guess I am just being selfish, but I am just so used to having them around..
Looking at the other side, well I finally get to have my craft room and there is more room to move, there is not toys scattered everywhere from little fingers dumping them here there and everywhere..
But in all honesty I would happily have all that back..
Now that you have spread your wings , I hope you soar to wonderously happy heights..
Love you and miss you both..
I have been working on several things, I have made some papers I titles "Earths Destruction"
what can I say I love my planet and hate seeing whats happening to it.. But there is more I wish to add to it yet so its still under wraps..
Been working on 3 templates but not finished one yet and hope to have another QP up in next couple of days...
Messed around with this earlier on, I have a couple of the papers from "Earths Destruction" for the textures and blending of this, I was also working on the folded paper corner thing, so this is the base really of one of the templates that I have been working on..
Its kinda hard to really get into anything at present and have been rearranging house as well..
Anyway here is combination of srapbooking and digital Manip..

Please remember that my work is copyrighted so if you decide that you like this and want a copy, seek my permission and ensure full credits are given as I have used another artists textures and he has to be credited as well...
Credits: Stock photo-© Forevermore Creations
Textures used to create papers used to make this photo manip
© "Ghost Bones"

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