Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quick Page Freebie- Double Scalloped

I said I was working on some things lol.. So I have combined 3 things to give you one thing..
I really like how the paper turned out :) Still don't think I have the paper folds down correctly, but they are getting there...
Anyway hope you enjoy and so many have downloaded, I would really love to see something someone has created with them :)
Oh and if your wondering, feeling a little better today, I was right, my eyes were so puffy when I first got up, uggh really not a good look..
Grah and I worked it out that tomorrow will be the first day in 12 months that I will have time to myself, there have been a few hours here and there but not a complete day to myself..
Kinda scary I will have to spend the day in my own company, just as well I get along with myself lmao..
I am planning on getting busy creating, while washing and doing the final rearranging of the last 2 rooms, or I just might amuse myself online looking at art and finding things to use to be creative..
Its my day, cant wait for it to unfold...
Well here is the preview of what I put together for you all..
Dont forget to leave some love when you download..
Link has expired..

Have a lovely one ladies :)

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