Monday, April 20, 2009

An update for everyone :)

Wow I have had alot of trouble getting into my things, the email account attached to this blog, for some reason I cannot get into at all :(
Yet my other accounts there is no problems.... Have to figure that one out...
So thank you for my lovely messages, I am missing doing this like you wouldnt believe, and missing all the beautiful people I came to know through this as well....
Where am I at, well I still dont feel that I can come back to the capacity that I was at before..
I am told that I am suffering with "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome" haha I havnt been to war, well at least not the kind most think when you mention that...
Good news, I am now able to shower without needing someone in the house with me, woo hoo, that is a biggy and I are you ready for this am able to go out on my own :)
That is a major biggie lol....
But I still have a long way to go, as I still dont feel safe, and am really looking forward to the day when I do and even though I have moved far away from where I was, I still dont feel comfortable out in the open...
But its baby steps, and the need within myself to nolonger be his victim that will get me to where I should be...
I am still not working, and not from lack of trying, so really kicking myself for not continuing with doing my kits, but you live and learn .....
I have put myself forward to do Volunteer work counselling, but I have done one interview before them, and due to my experience will be going back for another one, but while I will have to do extra things on top of the course I am hoping that I will be accepted...
I feel I have alot to offer in that area... And its something that I really want to do, and will keep me out of mischief while I await some employer to give me a job.. :)
So thats where I am at in my life....
I was really crushed when I couldnt continue due to what had been happening in my life, with my scrapbooking...
so I put it aside, but I am sharing the only things I have done since my absence from here....
I am going to try and be around alittle more but I am not making any promises on that just yet, I want to come back, but I want to be able to stay around , if you can understand what I mean....
For those who want to say hi, click my fb link on the side :) you can send me a message that way..
Because until I can figure out why I cant access my email account, I cant actually get into my mail :(
Anyway thats it for this message, I am sending my love to those special people and you know who you are cos you leave me messages and going to try catch up, so send me message via Fb so I can direct you to another email account please :)
I needs to know all that has been happening in your worlds...

Any here are my pretties I want to share with you all :)

Petal Of Preciousness
Frame-it Retrodiva
Behind the reeds by Tinette,Gwen,Manue,Symphonie
Word Art- Altered by Tina Chambers

Angel of the heart
You are the strength
of the future
And the beauty
of past memories
You are love
and light and hope.
You are lifes
Sweetest gift.
An unbelievable & Precious

Summer Fun
Red Leaf DigiScrapping-"Sliced Up Photo Frames"
Coral,Shell,Tag from Ocean Breeze- Adelina
Photos-Fmc Designs

Yes this was done on a down day :P

Superfiscial World
Red Leaf DigiScrapping-"Sliced Up Photo Frames"
Breathe- Doin It Digi Designs
Font- Penhurst
Digimanip by me

Reds Won :0)
March 2009.. Jazz cheering on aunty Bec.......
Template: #117 -Trish H. Designs
Templates ~N~ More © 2008
Mesh & Leaves from: Behind the Reeds

Kit Used: Batters Up
Designs by Tater
Font: Algerian

Have an absolutely funtabulous day :)


LindaJD said...

Oh Rachael my dear, my heart is so heavy for you, I wish I could help you through and ease your pain..
I will try to get into fb but if I don't make it my email is linton52 at. gmail dot co dot uk
I will be away tomorrow until sunday night..
If there is ANYTHING I can do don't hesitate to ask..we really MISS YOU!
Big Hugs and Love..Linda xx

Vivayne said...

Fantastic layouts Moz!! Really enjoy seeing them, I especially love to see the pics of your grand daughter, she looks so happy and it radiates thru the LO's. Great blue layout too, love the mood of it!! Hope to see more from you soon!

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