Sunday, January 11, 2009

Layouts and Freebies-you are spoilt today lol..

You missed me, lol digi free didnt pick up my last freebie and no-one came to visit me...
Not true, the regulars came lol..
So I have been a little busy, what have I done, well I only have two challenges left to complete, yes lol
When I finish this post I will be picking my very first "chosen one" from the template challenge,
then scrapping her template to put up in the gallery...
Trying to decide on a color swatch for my next kit, trying to decide what the theme will be, there are already so many valentines kits out, and over christmas I honestly just stopped looking , there was just nothing but christmas kits everywhere and I kinda got past wanting to see anymore...
I fear valentines is going to be the same, so my question to myself is if I do a valentines kit, will it be something worth looking at... If I go with whats in my mind yes lol...
And I have sold a few of my very first kits, wooooo hooooo that feels pretty wonderful lol....
I also have to make up something because I need some Creative Team members, to join my two very lovely and talented ones Laura and Nydia....
So you might end up with 2 posts today lol....
So first some layouts, I must have done something good several days back, I was checking my stats and I had 9 people come to one page that had nothing but layouts on it, no freebies, they all came from Mountain View CA, I see the isps so they were all different people and they had all searched the same thing in google, I get to see that as well as the links lol...
So now I know you really want to look lol...
Soooo first one is the layout I did with this months VIP kit made by our lovely and very talented Rachael Hudnall...

New Year 2009
January Vip Kit -Celebrate 09 by Rachael Hudnall
Template Fmc Designs..

Next my entry into the Quote Challenge
I used DigitalArts-Cafe Designer Kay Jays "auldlangsyne"

My entry for the Lyric Challenge
Kit used: Boy-ish DigitalArts-Cafe Designer Phillsboo

Journaling is from Song
Its a Brand New day
Lyrics extracted from: Joshua Radin-Simple times_"Brand New Day"
It's a brand new day
The sun is shining
It's a brand new day
For the first time in such a long long time
I know, I'll be ok
This cycle never ends
You gotta fall in order to mend
It's a brand new day
It's a brand new day
For the first time in such a long long time
I know, I'll be ok
Font-Tinker Toy

My Entry for the Scraplift Challenge
DigitalArts-Cafe Designer Rachael Hudnall Warm and Cozy Instant Splendor Clusters
DigitalArts-Cafe Designer Rachael Hudnall Warm and Cozy
Journaling reads..
Cake Eating
Break small pieces off
Crumble, feel texture
Taste a small amount
Ok This is yum
Fit as much into mouth
as you can...
Jazz eating her first birthday cake lol...

Journaling Challenge

New Day Begins
DigitalArts-Cafe Designer Linda Cumberland Leah's Garden
Journaling reads..
I open my eyes and stumble outside.
Darkness begins to fade as the sun begins to rise.
I breathe deep the fresh cool morning air.
I listen to the creatures big and small.
And Smile.
As I wonder what this new day will bring me..
Font:3 dates one night.

One of my entries for the color challenge
I hope you didnt fall off your chairs,
lol look at all that open space :)
Laura will be so proud of me when she sees it....
Created from my color challenge entry kit:
Fmc Designs-Soft Hues

So have you guessed what your freebie is yet?
Yes ? No ? lol
Its only a mini kit, But I am positive you will get several layouts from it..
Here it is :)
Love, hugs, accepted when you download here

If you also check the previous post there is another freebie there, that digi free missed..
Check back tomorrow I have something else for you ...
Have a wonderful one, anyone thats got snow can you email some lol its sooooooooooo hot here...

8 comments: said...

love this very positive song you chose :) great layouts! have a nice Sunday no it's Monday for you isn't it? nevermind, have a nice day!!

Mary said...

can't comment on the song cause my sound isn't working :(
but I lve the kit, especially the lacy heart

Roper said...

Thank you very much for the lovely kit.

jenniferology said...

Thank you

Jewel Goodwin said...

LOVE your mini - you made great use of the swatch. Thanks so much!

RoseAddict said...

I love those hearts! Thank you for this pretty kit!

TerriK said...

BEAUTIFUL kit. Thanks for sharing.

clubiani said...

This is so beautiful! thanks for sharing!!

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