Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Help ? lol

So I have been spoilt again.. The human angel gives me orchids every now and then, and this time he gave me 3, but I am not sure of what variety they are, I think they are a hybrid..

They are in serious need of repotting but I am going to leave them be till they finish flowering...
They are to gorgeous to disturb right now, but I wonder if anyone knows which they are?
If I dont take proper care of them they are not going to grace me with their beautiful flowers again...
So if you can help, or have a link to help on them, I would be extremly grateful if you left it for me...
Thank you in advance :)

I have also been busy playing with kits I recently purchased as well, umm yeah not making things to share sowwy..
But I really do have alot on my plate at present and trying to keep up and not the amount of time I would like to spend online..
But soon I will get back to pretending to be a designer and sharing things with you...
Anyway here are some of the latest things that I came up with...
Windswept Beach

Adelina-Ocean Breeze

This is one of my favourites..
Created for the Quote challenge at Digital Arts Cafe ( DAC)
Phillsboo Grandma's Love + Grandma's love add-on

I was looking at a picture of my daughter and granddaughter and realized how
much my daughter looked like me, and so I started looking at photo's of the
woman in my family and suddenly starting seeing how much you can see
the resembalnces and so this is the first of several I have done..

This is my Jazz and her mum around the same age...
Digital Arts Cafe-A-liya's Spring Things
- Deep Relax (Paper 15)
-Believe in Fairies Cluster Edges
Font: Brush Script

This is the photo that started it..
My daughter looks so much the same as me when I was younger with no grey hair
and without the wrinkles, getting old

Mels-World: Diamond Creek
Barcoded/laugh,Play from Midnight Hoot
Bracket Frame Template: SAS Designs
Word Art: Mommy another word for love (Modified) Jenna Robertson?

Christmas 94
My girls going back several years..
Digital Arts Cafe-Phillsboo-Joyful Christmas
SAS Design-Bracket Frame

lol I said I had been busy.. Well thats it for todays post..
Oh the Digital Arts Cafe blog train is huge :) there is going to be so much talent shared....
I for one cant wait, I got my bits today to start making things :)
Smile and have a wonderful one...

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