Sunday, October 12, 2008

I love spring

Just sharing a picture I took, lol spring is finally here, and of course I love it :) Means the warmer weather will be coming soon, and I will be the one who will enjoy the hot summer days while everyone else is I complain about the cold..
I will share some more soon.. Australian wildflowers are they not beautiful :)
I am slowly getting back into my creating, the "I Sprung Spring" set is halfway complete, and I started on the color challenge for DAC, so far have the papers done, and a few elements...
But in all honesty with all that has occurred this last month, I seem to have lost my creative mojo, lol so if you see it wondering around be sure to send it back ....
I still havnt caught up with everyone and everything, but little bit by little bit I am getting there..
I figured out what happens to socks, you put a pair into the machine and only one comes out, the machine a. eats them
b. has a sock black hole area inside
or umm the person putting them in thinks they put both in but at a later check finds the missing one still in the washing basket... "Blonde senior moment" lmao..
So thats all I have to share today..
Tomorrow I hope to have put something up to share with you all, I just found a really lovely blog, with some adoreable kits as well, so I am itching to play with
have a funtabulous one everyone and smile at a stranger, your sure to make there day..

1 comment:

KayJay said...

it's not a blond thing with the socks, honestly, I NEVER have all the pairs when I pair them up after washing and drying them. I believe the machine eats them, then at some point spits them back out again, cause suddenly the pairs match again! I really don't get it! and I am not blond, just going grey a little to early!

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