Friday, September 5, 2008

Busy as a busy

The last couple of days have bought alot my way lol, lots happening in my neck of the woods as well as behind the scenes online...
But before I go any further, I Would like to say "Thank You" to Rose for all her helpful advice it was much appreciated, I will check again later to see if its now actually working lol...
So am I caught up lol nope still behind, I reckon I will be late for my own funeral lmao..
I have broken the kit down into smaller parts so all up there will be 4 downloads, and because I havnt shared anything with you for a couple of days I am going to put the links up to the first 2 parts and as soon as I get the others up, I will link you to those as well..
I am also going to share acouple of lay outs with you, I guess using colors that I dont normally use via the color challenge gave me the courage to try something different to what I normally come up with..
And lets face it if I ever want to grow up and be a designer I need to be able to encompass all tastes not just my own :)
And I think I might do it for all the challenges this month, we will see how I go lol..
But for the next kit I share I will stick to what I have already chosen...
And I am going to toot my own horn lol, it seems that one particular forum is using my kit to do a challenge, go me lmao :)
I also need to run an email through a translator as I recieved one in french I think it is and I dont understand a word of it at all.. Actually no cancel that lol, I just had another look, Its one of those ones your supposed to report to the police, you know they say they have this money and they need you to help them move it from the country ect, by the way if you get one of those, delete it or report it, they are total scams, some of them are actually laundering money for people you just wouldnt want to associcate with, or you give them your details, like bank ect, and they empty your account... The ones I really love the best, are the ones that dont even know your name but tell you, you have won this huge amount of money and then ask for your details and request you send them a small amount to cover the cost of transferring the cash to you, Well honey if I won that money and you dont know who I am , then you best take your fee from the prize pool you are claiming you are holding for me, cos you are not going to get any info or cash from me...
Sadly alot of people get sucked into them however..
The other ones that give me a good chuckle are the ones you recieve from some girl that says they have recently talked to you at some dating site and they just want to catch up, but not to respond to them on the email address that it was sent from cos hey they are using a friends computer so respond to this other email addresss...
Hmm when I use a friends computer I log into my account, lol not someone elses..
And I actually have several email accounts, so of course I check them every now and then, and of course the spam folder has at least 5 of these in them, and what is so totally amusing is the picture that is sent in each email is the same girl, but she must have some serious personality disorder going on cos she thinks she is all these different people lmao..
Anyway I sarcastilly digressed there didnt I.. lol
Back to the subject at hand..
As I said I am way behind on everything..
So first layout is one I did using Rachael Hudnalls kit "My Wish" ...
She is offering it for free on her blog, so you can pop over and nab it and of course leave her some love for sharing with you :)

My Wish Rachael Hudnall

And here is my entry for the lyric challenge, this months theme was birthdays..
So both my girls were born on the same day 10yrs apart lol..
This one was taken several years ago, they race to blow out the candles lol..

I used bits from 2 big collab kits that DAC had going
"Schools Out For Summer & No Milk No Sugar"
Font used is called: ANDY

And now for those who would like this, I am adding 3 links, and will pop back and add the last
one once I have it..
So here is the bright picture to look at lol..
Download Elements Here
Download Paper 1 Here
Download Paper 2 Here
Download paper 3 Here

So I will pop back and add the last link soon as I have it..
update; all links are there and you guys are already downloading lol..
The weather over here is starting to get nice, while its still chilly we are getting
more and more sunny days and its reall nice to be outside, lol
so I probably wont be on as much :)
Hope you all have a totally wonderful day or evening...


cinmcw said...

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely and colorful kit! I love your layout of the little girl surrounded by flowers (My Wish)! Gorgeous!

Chel said...

I love the colors. thanks.

Stash Empress said...

Thanks so much for this kit -- great colors & I love what you did with them!

karyn said...

What a great kit! I'm off to snag it now!

There's also an award waiting for you at my blog, check it out!

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