Friday, August 15, 2008

No Iced cakes here :)

Said I was going to be busy......
So I am the new kid on the block for "Lynn Griffin"
Its not all bad, I got to play with her new kit "Aurora" and I got the combo pack :) It has everything in it .....
I just hope I dont shock her to much because I stepped outside what I normaly do, you know the iced cake thing lmao....
So below you will find the 4 layouts I came up with.. Believe me there is so much more you can do with this kit, and I more than likely will....
The Bird
"Aurora Combo Pack" Lynn Griffin
Photo -Jon Sullivan
Torn Template-GunHild
Still Life

"Aurora Combo Pack" Lynn Griffin
Photo- Jon Sullivan


"Aurora Combo Pack" Lynn Griffin
Photo Stock-
Word Art-Ann S K Lim

Jonathan Maybe?
"Aurora Combo Pack" Lynn Griffin
Photo- Jon Sullivan

So thats all for now, I can go to sleep lol...
Shall try and make up a QP with Rachaels Kit to share later on....
Have a lovely one...

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