Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Freebie For you..

I am so excited I just got Rachaels New Kit "Rue Beinville" To play with, and its soooooooo gorgeous.. Has all the things I love lol rich deep papers that are textured and flowers and leaves and the colors are perfect for so many different types of layouts..
I am putting a peek here for you....

See What I mean, its gorgeous.. I am already nearly finished my first layout,
When I have finished my lay outs, I am going to make a QP to share with you as well..
And I think you could make the most awesome brag book from this kit...
In all honesty I could get so much use from this one kit, it will be in my favs as something
I go back and use
If you would like to buy the kit, then click on"Gots to have it" and be taken directly there..
But While your at DAC why not have a look around... And join the forum and come play with us, we have so much fun... But please please dont forget to introduce yourself, its easy:)

So ok lol I will plug myself now :)
Here is the promised Qp.. Its pretty simple I have been considerable ill the last couple
of days, and just wasnt up to much..
But I am feeling alot better today, had some healing work done on me last night and also,
a massage, pain is still in my neck and shoulder but its way more bearable now..

I was able to put this together thanks to these kind souled ladies..
MissVivi France
HeartPrints-Kristin Castellano
LBCreations - Designs by Babette.
Moo Two Designs ©

umm lmao seems I got a few of you with my prank, what can I say lol
You gotta do something silly sometimes or life just becomes to mundane..
And *hugz* thanks to the comments from the ladies who saw the funny side of it hehehehe.
So now that you read through everything I had to say, lol would you like me to link you..:)
Course you do.....thats why your here in the first place....


Anonymous said...

Love this QP! And thanks for the plug! You are too kind.

clubiani said...

thank you for sharing this beautiful QP!

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