Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tin Fence Qp and Robbie Williams yummmmm :)

For Laura lol cos she didnt know who robbie was, so I am going to edumacate her lol..
Grah (my Human Angel) took me to see him when he was over here in concert..
It was sooooooooo good :) He's a very yummie looking man, just has that face and
a really nice body to go with it, and because one of my g/friends was besotted with him,
I found lots of pics for her lol some were hmmmmmm :)
Anyway one of my fav songs of his..

So now sing along lol...
"Make Me Pure"

So I sing a song
To reel 'em in
It's a song I sung before
And a song I'm gonna sing again
I mean every word
I don't mean a single one of them
Oh Lord, make me pure
- but not yet

Tell a joke
Tell it twice
If no-one else is laughing then why am I
I split my sides both times and laugh till I cry
Oh Lord, please make me pure
- but not yet

I don't have to try
I just dial it in
I've never found a job that for me was worth bothering
I got a ton of selfish genes and lazy bones
Beneath this skin
Oh Lord, make me pure
- but not yet

Smoking kills
Sex sells
I've got one hand in my pocket but the other one looks cool as hell
I know I'm gonna die so my revenge is living well
Oh Lord, make me pure
- but not yet

I stopped praying
So I hope this song will do
I wrote it all for you
I'm not perfect but you don't mind that, do you?
I know you're there to pull me through, aren't you?

So I look for love
I like the search
And I'll be standing for election all across the known universe
Every president gets the country she deserves
Oh Lord, make me pure
- but not yet

And I've been seeing
Somebody's wife
She said she'd leave him for me and I said that wasn't wise
You can't lie to a liar because of all lies
Oh Lord, please make me pure
- not yet
So now what you are really here for..
I called this one Tin fence, just a simple one as
I have lots on my plate at
Hope you enjoy..
Its only 8x8 but you can have either JPEG or PNG

Now its back to the drawing board lol
Have a lovely one...

1 comment:

clubiani said...

this is so awesome!! thank you very much for your kindness!!

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