Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some of my earlier lay outs

Under Moonlit SkiesPage Kit
Created by Lauren Bavin
© 2007 Lauren Bavin
Pixie was a Jack Russel, got her from the paper for $50..
She was so loving and so adoreable..
Sadly her life was cut short, she was hit by a car,
her broken and bloodied body was beyond fixing..
We had to let her go...
No other pet has had my heart the way she did...

Credits:Template:Jaana Saker
Kit Used: Yesterdays Promise "Lauren Bavin"
Created:16th June 2007
Journaling Reads:
I Accept Myself Completely.
My Strenghts & My weaknesses, My Gifts & My Faults.
I am only human & I accept That Being.
I am here to Learn & Grow.
Everyday brings me Learning & Growth,
I embrace the personality that has developed.
I understand I have the power within To heal and change,
I choose to love “Me” without conditions or reservations.
The core of my being “Is” Goodness & Love.
I understand in the past that I have forgotten that.
Because I have embraced me,
I discovered an ever-deepening inner strength,
And because of this strength, I can enjoy my life fully.
And embrace all the lessons I have to learn.
My mind knows both “Fear & Love”
I understand that I experience what I choose,
Sometimes fear has been part of my learning & healing process.
I understand that mistakes are also part of my growth.
But because I know Love has the power to overcome fear,
I choose love instead.
So I can forgive myself and learn from my mistakes.
I understand that my life is Expression of my thoughts.
I choose to commit myself completely to thoughts & acts of love.
“I AM” An expression of this love
“I AM” Loves, hands, Voice and heart on this earth
My own life is a blessing & a Gift.
I give thanks that my heart is open to receive
and am deeply grateful for the gifts.
I give thanks that I can share the gifts
I receive fully and freely with love and joy.

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