Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dont love you huh?

Papers:– Floral Grunge ©Phuong Ton -© Pton Designs
Tab-Altered: ©Retrodiva Tracey Collins
Frames-Resized:Antique & Chich Frames ©2007 Thaty Borges-
©2007 Scrapkut team
Word Art:©2007-2008 Forevermore Creations
Font: Harrington

My eldest said I mustn't love her because I am always scrapping everyone
but not her... Well its not true, lol I do have quite a few of her..
Its just that the little princess is cutier to scrap lol..
Not really, I just have my moments and depends on what kit I have just discovered
on what I do..
I have this really goofy picture of her, she was clowning around and I was
taking pictures, and she kept daring me to take her picture..
She shouldnt have dared me,lol I got a good one, she wants me to destroy it,
but guess which picture I am going to scrap next... hehehehehe
Its already started lol..
She is soooo going to dead arm me :)
I made the word art for this lay out and will be adding it as a freebie..
Dont expect to see me here much over the next week, Mere Male and teenage daughter & friends have all been gaming online and used up all our
bandwidth, so we are back on dial-up speed.. uggghhhh
It takes forever to load anything so I may just keep busy in the real world*look of horror* until we have it back..
No freebie hunting , all the scrap stores are having there sales, wahhhhh..
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, yes its friday :)

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