Friday, April 25, 2008

Who I Am

Credits to.
Template#13 ©Midnight Scrapping
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kit used:Sweet Surrender Page Kit
Created by Lauren Bavin
©2008 Lauren Bavin
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Word Art: Altered for this lay out
©Elegant WordArt
Find Her Here
Just messing around digitally again, lol I dont make a mess that way (makes my other half happy lol)
Lauren Bavin is one of my most favorite designers, there is just something about the sets she makes that really appeal to me..
I wandered onto Elegant Wordart (Bethany's Blog) a few days ago and really loved her work, and so when I saw the new word art she had posted I knew straight away what I wanted to do...
The template also came from Midnight Scrapping's blog, after seeing something I like I took the time to read her blog and discovered a few other templates that I loved this being one of them..
I also want to enter a challenge so this is my entry..
Today however I am going to make a mess and go see what new things I can cook up traditional wise..
To those who downloaded my word art, thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to leave some love..
Hope you all have a wonderous day filled with love and happiness
Loving Light

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