Thursday, April 24, 2008

Loving Him

Its been a busy couple of days.. Had a friend fly in and stay over, took him to the airport this afternoon, had to drive my partners car, I hate driving his car..
I have this cute little fuel economic car, and he has one of those expensive Ive got grunt ones..(mine has no grunt lol) Everytime I have to drive it I am terrified that I will damage it, well I already have, its custom built and guess who cracked one of the sidings*looks around innocently* You have to be so incredibly careful when you drive it, its low to the ground, and it was late I was tired and reversed out of a car park and caught the side on the curbing which I didnt see..
He was really good about it, didnt yell, get upset or anything, just said" its just a car, your more important"... He has only just talked me into driving it again recently, and in case your wondering yes he wanted me to drive it straight away..
I was messing around today, with a template that I really liked and a set of papers I bought..
And this phrase that is the word art just kept running through my head..
So I had a go at making my own and am putting it up as a freebie for others to hopefully enjoy..
The purple teddy in the middle photo,is a special little dude as well, Grah bought it for me one day, we worked for the same company and our shifts changed so I was early morning and he was late afternoon so we would miss each other by about an hour, I came home to find this little guy sitting on the bed with a note..
And from there on we both tend to place him somewhere for the other to find to convey our love..
And its a terrible pic of me, lol I was busy reading in bed and Grah calls me and as I look I realize he has camera up and snap, thats the wonderful shot lol...
Anyway Hope your day is a funtabulous one..
loving light

Lay out Credits:
Template: Commerical Use-Template 38 ©Mrs Wresh Designs
Paper Kit:Amethyst-©Christy Skaggs
Word Art:©Forever More Creations..

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