Friday, February 12, 2010

Freebie News And Grand Opening

Soo you know what they say there is no rest for the wicked.. Well I must be really wicked..
I swear I have been stuck at my puter for a couple of days and I still see no end rofl..
Soo anyway I dont myself have any freebies for you on my blog,
But I am going to send you in the right direction to get some really lovely ones..
First you all know I love DSDI well we got some fabulous things going on their now...
The first one is  our new daily download, yeap were doing it again...  Here is a sneak peek,
now its already started so hope on over to this thread and begin the fun...
Now Janie And Lorry are not content with just giving away a free kit, 
They have added another little treat for you all.. 

You can get these now .. Yeap thats right.. 

But hang on there is still more, yes we are having so much fun and such lovely sharing people 
over at DSDI... 
So are you ready mark this on your calendar and come join the fun.. 

Digi Scraps Drive-In is hosting a HUGE competition celebration for Valentines Day and St Patrick's Day called "Irish Kisses".

Competition runs from Feb 14th through March 17th.

Tons of Fun and great Prizes!

Do you have what it takes to be a GRAND PRIZE winner?
Now for the news I have had to keep quiet for over a week now so so hard.. 
My daughter yeap 7hump3r Designs is opening her store there.. 
Just a few hours and pop..
And between her and I we have cooked up some great things, 
well we believe they are for her opening week.. 

So to get the fun started, up for grabs is a couple of $5 Gift Certificates.. 
Yeap thats right.. 
What is it you need to do to win one of those.. 
Well easy wear her fan of blinkie.. 
Pretty simple huh.. 
So pop in to this thread to get all the details .. 
There are also going to be random raks, we have a really fun layout challenge 
planned and nope you dont have to buy anything, she has made you a beautiful little mini.. 
So I invite you to come join us in celebrating her opening.. 
Thats it no more lol, but keep your eye open I will have some lovelies in a couple of days for you.. 
Have a lovely one and dont forget to show the world your beautiful smile :)

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