Sunday, November 30, 2008

So busy

Things are a little busy for me at present.. I have been doing my things for the blog party, and my other things I do for DAC ...
Working on another kit, which I have really enjoyed as I have been learning a few things, which made me realize just how much more I really have to
Good thing about that is I love to learn and I will never ever be to old to learn something new...
Anyways you get a sneak peek at one of the things I have been working on, but this time it has to be perfect, and my wonderful friend Laura and my personal quality checker has informed me of a couple of flaws that I overlooked on the elements , so I need to fix them, plus I had a few more ideas so I need to bring them into being as well.. And I also got some much appreciated advice from Melo on more improvements...
I also had a brain wave and have started on something else as well, so I have been busy lol...
But then I kinda needed to do something relaxing, and so I scrapped some more of the pictures I have been meaning to do...
So today thats all I have to share, but come the first, for a whole week there should be something for you all if you like it everyday...
So here are the layouts...
I finally got these ones done lol...
Our first Christmas, page 1 and 2

TIS THE SEASON +ADD ON - Retrodiva Club Kit
Font: St Nicholas

Second Page of Our First Christmas

Journaling reads: Our first Christmas together, I had to work the 5am shift.
You were off,so you came to work with me so we could be together.
The hamster was off but he called in for a coffee and to say hello.
Lucy & Ellie had a merry ole time in the kitchen.
And the boys made themselves some breakfast (not breackfast -opps :( ).
One of the reasons I think your so special..
TIS THE SEASON +ADD ON - Retrodiva Club Kit 2007
Template 8 © Galiscrap Design
Font: St Nicholas

Jazz & Her Grandpa's

I used Digital Arts Cafe Designer Phillsboo
Boyish and also her Boyish Add-On
This kit is really fabulous has so much that many layouts can be created from it...

And now this is one of the things that I have been playing with or at
least a page made from

Great Nana's Visit..

Journaling reads: Mum flew in for the birth of
her first Great Grandchild..
Both my daughters and myself enjoyed
sharing this special memory with my mother..
Jazz makes the 4th living female generation in our family...
Mum is actually holding her in this picture..
The kit used designed by Fmc Designs, soon to be

Thats all I have to share with you at present...
Have a fabulous one...

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