Tuesday, September 2, 2008

opps nothing to share:{

I did say I was going to have something up, but umm sadly I dont ..
I am working on the new kit, also a kit for the color challenge at DAC gosh I am really plugging it lol... But I am actually finding the colors challenging lol, there not colors that I would normally play with, so at present I just am not liking what I am making, well except for a few things lol..
And because I really want to get all the bits to the kit, cos I am not joking its totally awesome..
I need to do the 5 challenges, one being journaling which if you look at my layouts I am not really a big journaler lol.. I tend to fill all the spots with things and leave very little room to write something..
But have no fear I will get something up for you in the next few days..
The other problem is we have a dsl plan and we used it up so its several more days before it kicks back over again, so the human angel likes to play a game online, and if I get on and do my thing as well, it tends to keep disconnecting him, and then he turns into Oscar the Grouch lmao..
No he doesnt really just gets very frustrated, so fair is fair, I have enough to keep me occupied with things I need to be doing to allow him to have his relaxtion time in peace..
And its a real pain to sit and wait for pages to load lol, so I will get something up as soon as I can..
I am doing this really quick, so please excuse me slackness..
If you pop over to Rachaels Blog you can pick up a freebie there, it goes with her new kit, its gorgeous :) If you have pets you will love it...
Also There is plenty to find at DAC as well....
Have a great one with loved ones and I will be back with something for you all soon :)

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