Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Eva & Tu Tu Cute

I have been messing around with a couple of things again..
First, "What Eva" is one of my most used come backs, to my Human Angel and
alot of his mates and family when they stir
Now my human angel hates when I say it lol so as a joke I asked the lovely Laura
if she could do me a template as my intention was to do a desktop lay out and stick it on
his puter as his desktop picture, when I mentioned it, lol he was not at all impressed,
he's not impressed with you either Laura for encouraging me lmao :P
But this picture was taken in 1991, and not digital so when I tried to enlarge, it just pixelated
and looked terrible, so the wonderful Laura, not only lightened it and made it into the below
worded picture, but worked some magic so I can now stretch it without pixelating..
Thank you hun *hugz, luv ya* :)
So I nabbed the kit I have been eyeing off and proceed to weave my magic, I have had the template sitting waiting for awhile for me to do this..
But I am not going to take all the credit, Human angel pulls up a chair and starts offering
advice, hmmm he wanted me to put a red ribbon in it, I am like "what" lol
Anyway he talked me into altering the template and we put this together together :)

Credits and Thank you's to these lovely ladies:


Next I played around with a kit from Farrah..
This is such a cheeky picture of my grandaughter and I wanted to put it into
something fun.. I have been eyeing off this kit since I saw it go up, really love the bird lol
So I decided to give it ago and see what I could do..
I have altered the papers, I used the color from the kit, overlayed it with a pattern,
blended that in, then used one of the papers and overlayed that and blended it till
I got what you see below, I also did the same with the second paper..
I think I got it just right, she looks like she is looking at the bird :)

Credits and Thank you's to these lovely ladies:

Template: #6 Gone Scrappin ( slightly altered)
To Happy Freebie -Farrah's Designer Scraps
Word Art- Tu TU Cute-Copyright 2007 Christie Frachioni
Digital Scrapbook Artisan

Have a wonderful day /evening and give someone a smile or kind word,
it really does do them a massive amount of good :)

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