Monday, July 7, 2008

OMG My first PTU Kit finally & A Freebie-Edited

Can you believe it, I finally finished one..
It might have been here sooner, cept I am so fussy and its got to be right or it doesnt be..

Not only did I finish this but made a quick page to share and did a LO, oh "GO Me" lmao
and half of it was completed while talking on the phone.
My eldest wanted me to go have lunch with her, and while I am talking to her
the youngest rang so it was flicking between the 2..
Anyway now's the test, Will someone buy it or is it just that everyone loves freebies..
So without further ado and taking a big deep breath, well no I shall stall for yet abit longer lol
Here is the layout I did from the QP...
Our little granddaughter absolutely adores her granddad, she would follow him around in her walker,
park herself beside him and babble away to him, if he got up from his seat, she would grab the cushion
off his chair and cuddle up to it, lol..
Then she would tug on his clothes and if he didnt pay her attention sit there and scream,
and her screams go in one ear and out the other side and hurt :(
So he would pick her up put her on his lap and she would be as happy as anything,
when he was gaming she had to have the headphones with the sounds while he played..
It was so funny to watch, but she would always fall asleep on his lap, if she was
fussing and noone else could get to settle, granddad would take her and she would
cuddle in and be quiet and fall asleep..
Kids are funny little creatures..
So here is one of those times...
Special thanks to these wonderful ladies
Obsidian Dawn
Mama Cat Scrap
Lisa of Sophisticated Scraps
Cindy Ritter
petit moineaux
MK Design Padoveze Designs 2007
I left out the most important Designer whose things I love
and I frequently use..
The brackets I use are thanks to the generosity of Deb
and her lovely designs, this one being part of her brush set..
Sorry Deb .:(
Bracket frame thanks to
The Scrappin Cop

Now for the PTU Kit..
I called it Summer Memories..
Everything has been created at 300 dpi
Pages are 12 x 12 but you can resize and saved in JPEG
Elements are saved in PNG..
Shadows are for preview only...
Even if you dont want to buy let me know what you think please..
Thank you...

FMC Design/Forevermore Creations
Summer Memories Kit
$2.25 AUD

Please note as I dont have a shopping cart, once you have paid, I will email you with the link to your download..Please allow 24hrs although it should be sooner than that...
And last but not least here is your QP made from this kit..
Hope you enjoy as always in JPEG and PNG..

So there you go have fun creating :)


Squeaky Scraps said...

thanks for the freebie. it is gorgeous. love the lo and the colors.

Mozz said...

He he he I know you from DSC :)
Glad you liked and your most welcome..

Deb said...

Mozz - thanks for the comments on my blog. You really don't need to worry about crediting me on those silly brackets. I didn't invent the bracket! LOL. We were scared but not panicky during the storm and everything turned out okay. And of course dad had to say "I told you so." LOL. Love your first kit - very cute! Best of wishes to you in your endeavors!

Nydia said...

Oh Mozz your blog is sooooooooo beautiful and your works are a piece of art! You're on my favorites blogs now! I'm so glad I met you...

Lots of love...

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