Friday, July 11, 2008

Never Say Never :)

Boo lol....
Ok I am missed :) *hugs* Thanks Nydia...
Going to try catch up with you tomorrow :)
Well my gremlin is a little tricker than first thought.. Brief explanation, our net has been dropping out completely now for a couple of months at around about the same time every night, it would drop out for about 15 mins then let us back on, like most on Broad Band its networked, and there have been 5 puters hooked up at times here, we have several friends who consider this their second home and stay here for periods of time..
But for the last couple of days, only one of us has been dropped from the network, so it was allowing one on and not allowing the other this was alternating between 2 of us.. And it switched between us.. However it decided that mine was the one it is not going to allow on ..
I managed to fix one thing, and the really weird thing is its showing that I am hooked in as it shows the same speed connections as my angel, but my send recieve is way low and nothing will connect..
No settings on either computer have been changed by either myself or my angel..
All the components are working fine, and there is no virus ect that has been checked, the cables are ok .. The usage is also extremely high for the amount of time that we have actually been using it..
So next step is to report it so it can be investigated throughly.. There is also the fact that I have been showing as being in Rockingham which is a fair distance from where I actually live, when normally I only register as Perth..
The other really weird thing is I have sat and watched my mouse make its way across my screen several times, without my hand being anywhere near it and what makes it even weirder is I have totally disconnected it from the net its not even hooked up hasnt been since it started this..
And the mouse itself doesnt even move at all, dodoo do do lol..
So as yet I am still offline, but have orgainized with some friends to try and still put things up and have my things running as normally as possible while this gets sorted out..
I mean there is the scheduled post thing that blogger has :)
Just means I cant play at my favourite place for awhile..
But having been given the all clear on my harddrive today I was able to finish off what I was intending to have up, when this occured..
So this time round something a little different..
Do you remember lucky dips ? I know I used to love them as a kid, the anticipation
of what could be inside that bag, I would not open it for ages wondering out loud to anyone that was dumb enough to listen to what could be in there, then I would tear it open and be so let down, cos it was usually nothing that I really wanted lol
So every now and then I shall be throwing up one of these, but I dont think you will feel that same let down, well at least I hope that you wont..
They should always contain about 10 things.. I mess around when I make things, and often come up with things that dont fit what I am doing but are still good, if I cant fit them into whatever theme I am working on then they will go into the lucky dips :)
This one you can see a sneak peek at some of the things in there anyway, but after that it is going to be a surprise, no sneak peek lol..

The file size is about 22.8mb
Anyway hope you enjoy and they are useful to you, if you want to throw some ideas my
way on something you would like to see please do..
Download Here


Nydia said...

I love the bag! All the things inside are great and useful! I'm so happy you liked the LO I made with your kit, I really liked it a lot!
I'm crossing my fingers your phantom goes away from your computer and everything get fix soon... Hugs!

Deb said...


Thanks for the great bag - I think the paisley bow is my favorite (oops - did I "reveal" an element?) lol. And I think your TOU is one of the best I've read, can I borrow it for my PU stuff? I have to tell you, I have never heard of lucky dips? LOL - must not have had those in the states growing up. Anyway- love your stuff, as always. Thank you for Sharing!! HUGS, Deb

Shell said...

Thanks for the bag of goodies. Just found your blog & going to check out the past goodies I've missed lol Thanks

clubiani said...

thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and precious time!!

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