Friday, July 25, 2008

A Little Country not coutnry

Hmm it was late when I typed my previous post, I spelt Country wrong lol.
Anyway I finished the QP everything has been credited and zipped and uploaded and is ready to go..
First you have the little blog freebie, it consists of a the paper, 3 embellished frames,a ribbon, not shown and 2 butterflies..
Complete kit will come soon, thats all I have done so far..
I wanted to include the lace but the TOU allows only for it to be part of something if you have further embellished it, you cant just color it and share..
Now thank you to alot of ladies who compliment me on my things, but I use alot of CU products that I have bought or that are shared, I just add my touch and idea for what I want..
I make some of my things but with all the CU products out there now, I have got lazy lol

Download here and dont forget to leave some love:P

Next the QP, I have made it in 2 sizes 8x8 and 12x12
Its PNG format...
8x8 can be downloaded here
12x12 can be downloaded here
You are going to leave me some love right???? :P lol


Nydia said...

Oh I love it... Thanks a lot sweetie!

Shirley (Green) Williams in IN said...

thank you very much for the pretties!!!!

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