Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some people leave footprints on your heart forever

I seem to be having a brown faze currently, lol..
Thanks to some designers offering CU overlays for free plus I have been buying them as well, I finally put together some papers that I really like..
I am still working on how to do the torn paper thing, I sort of have it lol..
Anyway I put this one together, its me and my Oscar lol..
He is a really remarkable man, if I had to use words to sum him up they would be.....
Compassionate, patient, caring, loving,intelligent,honest,stirrer lol and a hard worker..
He can be grumpy and annoying but he's a male you have to expect that rflmao..
He always smells divine cos he makes his own aftershaves and by now I guess you get the drift that I am very much in love with him..
The only problem is he never smiles when you take a picture lol so he always looks serious, stern ect .. I have a total of maybe 3 pictures where I have caught him off guard and got a smile :)
This is a favourite , he is sorta smiling lol and it was a really wonderful day...

Torn Frame created by me with use of brushes from
Background paper created by me with CU products
Balinese Blues Sample ©Irene V. Alexeeva
"Adore " Word Art: ©Burkhart Scrapzone Designs by Michaele Burkhart @
Special thanks for CU to:
Alliekat Creations,Yarrow at Digital Chaos.

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