Sunday, May 4, 2008

One Photo, and my creations

I took this picture last year, but I keep messing around with it.. Its a statue and the last pic might freak a few people out.. I like to play :) I have also stated in my profile that I am a survivor, so all I can say is sometimes just may be this is what visits me in my dreams erm ok nightmares..
Only leading up to and after court cases these days :)
Gipsy is how I sign my digital art work, so no I havnt swiped it from
Please also remember my work is copyrighted, so just ask if you want a copy...
Anyway feel free to comment if you want, I am so comment less lol
Loving Light and have a funtabulous weekend.....

Left Thinking:
©2007-2008 Forevermore Creations..

©2007-2008 Forevermore Creations

Demon of My Dreams
©2007-2008 Forevermore Creations

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